(ep. 004) Living Your Life Out Loud with Rev. Tim Lytle

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November 28, 2018

Rev. Tim Lytle is a Unity minister whose studies have included multiple religious methodologies from around the world. Rev. Tim and has a special place in my heart and, when I got married several years ago, I had him come to the wedding and he did such a wonderful job with our intimate ceremony. Since then, he’s moved on to Unity Church of Hawaii in Honolulu and I’m very excited to introduce you to him today.

Rev. Tim’s teachings focus on divine alignment and attuning ourselves with our highest purpose. Through these teachings, he aims to help others know we are here to express magnificence and live life out loud.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Rev. Tim’s favorite thing about the work he does

  • What aligning and attuning to the divine presence means to Rev. Tim

  • How aligning and attuning to the divine presence with us can improve our mind climate

  • How Rev. Tim used affirmations to change the negative things he’d been taught about himself by teachers and other adults in his life while growing up

  • The practice of embracing all our emotions instead of trying to eliminate the “bad” one

  • Rev. Tim’s two main tips for becoming more aligned and attuned with your divine presence

  • The major pitfall some people experience when starting this practice

  • Why a member of his church credits Rev. Tim for saving their life with this practice

  • Ivy’s reflection on the conversation with Rev. Tim and the question she wants you to ask yourself after listening to this episode to make sure you’re living your life out loud


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