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January 2, 2019

It’s officially 2019 and I want to start the year off by talking about one of my favorite topics. The topic for our audio workshop this week is one of my favorites because it’s inspiring and powering, but it can also be a little controversial.

Knowing that I always have a choice has helped me feel empowered in certain situations rather than feeling like a victim and the same can be true for you. Whether it’s how you experience a negative situation, setting boundaries to protect your time and energy, saying yes to things just because you want to, or beginning to treat yourself better … you always have a choice.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • How knowing they have a choice about certain things helps school-aged children

  • Understanding that you can always choose your attitude about your current situation

  • How a situation I experienced at the airport is the perfect example of choosing my attitude about a situation that wasn’t entirely under my control

  • The importance of choosing how you spend your time and energy

  • Why you should set boundaries and not do things out of obligation

  • An example of how I set a boundary for an event I attended at the zoo

  • Stopping the broken torture record by choosing to treat yourself better



  • I am empowered, and I am always in choice.


  • How will you choose to show up today?


  • Practice saying no when you feel like you can’t.

  • Practice saying yes when you feel like you shouldn’t.


Links and Resources:

Reference Material:
Dr. Blake Brandes
Britany Felix
Viktor E. Frankl’s Book | Man’s Search for Meaning

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