(ep. 010) The Connection Between Daily Movement and a Positive Mind Climate with Lily Fontas

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January 09, 2019

Lily Fontas is a certified personal trainer and health coach who is on a mission to help women get strong, healthy, and happy on their terms. She serves women from Boston to Tokyo with her virtual health coaching practice and has helps hundreds of women reach their goals without deprivation or negativity.

Lily is known for helping busy, professional women pledge to “never diet again” as they gain strength and confidence. She is anti-diet, body-positive, and believes that everyone deserves to feel confident and strong.

Her unique coaching approach and curriculum design expertise helps overwhelmed women create sustainable wellness routines that last a lifetime.

Lily is also a contributing writer for Scene Magazine and has a column where she explores the emotional and psychological sides of losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle that you enjoy for life.

In this episode, Lily speaks with us specifically about daily exercise and movement and how it can impact our mind climate.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Lily’s take on the work she does to help women never diet again

  • Lily’s favorite part about her work

  • How Lily’s approach to wellness aligns with having a positive mind climate

  • How daily exercise and movement, or lack thereof, can impact your head space

  • Lily’s suggestions for how to get in daily movement without going to the gym

  • The main pitfall one might experience when starting the practice of incorporating daily activity into their life

  • Lily’s top tip for overcoming that pitfall

  • The incredible success story of one of Lily’s clients

  • The importance of shifting your mindset on daily exercise from punishment to investment


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