(ep. 012) Trusting Your Heart and the Universe with Frank Jay Porcaro

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January 23, 2019

Frank Jay Porcaro is someone that I really admire because he has so much soul and tenacity.

While working in a retirement home at age 18, Frank Jay witnessed people on their death bed regretting their life. This experience opened his eyes to the consequences of the consistent unconscious decisions most people make throughout their life. As a result, he began to study psychology and human behavior.

Frank Jay is now a coach and speaker who has positively impacted tens of thousands of lives through his live events that have taken place in over 15 countries.

In this episode, Frank and I discuss the value of trusting in your heart and the universe.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Frank Jay’s favorite thing about the work he does

  • The four modalities of human connection

  • How learning to experience trauma impacts our ability to trust our heart

  • Why Frank Jay feels it’s not safe to play it safe

  • What trusting the universe means to Ivy

  • Frank Jay’s main tip for those looking to start the practice of trusting their heart and the universe

  • The part fear plays when someone begins this practice and what we can learn from the Mayans about this topic

  • The story of a powerful time when Frank Jay trusted his heart and the universe


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