(ep. 013) The Power of the Growth Mindset with Dr. Blake Brandes

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February 06, 2019

Dr. Blake Brandes is a Tedx speaker, America’s Got Talent performer, rapper, Top 40 music producer, and recipient of the Marshall Scholarship who has a Ph.D. in Hip Hop and Global Youth Cultures. Blake was also my co-host on the Motivational Millennial podcast and my business partner for four and a half years.

Together, Blake and I built a motivational speaking business in which we shared the messages of grit and the Growth Mindset with over 100,000 students, educators, and parents. Even though I recently sold my part of the business, Blake carries on this work today.

While we mostly provided our messages in an educational setting, we both found the Growth Mindset helped in our business and professional lives as well. It’s this incredible power of the growth mindset that we’re discussing in this episode today.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What Blake loves about the work he does to help students, educators, and parents learn to be more resilient and live happier lives

  • What research says about the Growth Mindset

  • Blake’s thoughts on how the Growth Mindset can positively impact your mind climate

  • The power of “yet”

  • Blake’s tips for bringing the Growth Mindset into your life

  • Success stories of what people have been able to accomplish after adopting the Growth Mindset

  • Taking back power by choosing to be happy

  • What Ivy invites you to think about and do as you go into the next week


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