(ep. 016) What is Mindfulness? with Ivy LaClair

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February 27, 2019

I usually start off my audio workshops by asking what your mind climate is like and then offering an insight into mine. However, I usually answer this question from an intellectual place and, as I sat down to record this episode, I decided to take the time to really reflect on my surroundings in that specific moment. Doing allowed me to replace the need to feel like I have to constantly move from one task to the next or what it means for my business and goals that it’s already almost March with a feeling of peace.

Taking the time to practice mindfulness in that moment was the perfect way to begin recording this episode because it’s the power of mindfulness that I’ll be talking about today.

In this episode, I explain the origins of mindfulness and what it is, why it’s important to accept what is happening in your current moment without judgment, the three main skills you can cultivate through mindfulness, how you can start practicing mindfulness, and so much more!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • An explanation of what mindfulness is

  • The Buddhist roots of mindfulness

  • The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism and how they connect with mindfulness

  • How mindfulness allows you to cultivate the skills of self-awareness, compassion, and radical acceptance

  • What these skills can do for your life

  • How you can bring mindfulness into your life



  • I am present to what is with loving acceptance.


  • What could your life look like if you took your mindfulness practice to the next level?


  • Practice mindfulness for at least five minutes every day over the next week.


Links and Resources:

Reference Material:
Berkeley Zen Center
Dharma Seed Website
Dharma Seed iOS App
James Baraz
Kate Munding
Howard Cohn
Jack Kornfield
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Wattle Hollow Retreat Center

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