(ep. 019) The Benefits of Being Part of a Community with Jessica Hadari

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March 20, 2019

Jessica Hadari leads a community in the Bay area called FEM Talks; a sanctuary for spirit-driven women ready to elevate their Higher Calling and live NOW as the holistic leaders of tomorrow.

FEM Talks was one of the places that just felt like home to me when I lived in the Bay area and Jessica just has this amazing way of creating genuine, authentic community and showing up in the world with a beautiful energy.

In this episode, Jessica shares her thoughts about community, what inspired her to start hers, how it’s grown from sipping tea on a bed with girlfriends to what it is today, the difference between isolation and conscious alone time, powerful examples of what her community has provided for others, and so much more!  

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Jessica’s favorite thing about the work she does

  • What having a community does for Ivy’s headspace

  • What developing a community did for Jessica’s headspace

  • The FEM Talks origin story

  • Some common challenges one might experience while building a community

  • Two stories of how having a community has positively impacted people in Jessica’s network

  • Jessica’s advice for someone looking to build a community

  • How Jessica believes we’re strong as part of a community than we are as a one-woman army


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