(ep. 028) Creating Abundance Through Joy with Ivy LaClair

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May 22, 2019

The vision for my business is that all heart-centered work leads to unapologetic abundance and joy. Joy has become a foundational element in the way that I interact with people and my work and the way that I show up every day.

In this audio workshop, I explain why I wanted to discuss the topic of joy with you this week, the struggles I’ve experienced with accepting that it’s okay to feel joyful, how I experience joy even during difficult conversations and situations, that it’s safe to be joyful and to have hopes and dreams even though it involves feeling vulnerable, what happens when we embrace joy in the moment, and more!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • How an adrenaline-fueled mistake with my car led to anxiety around my first full-day event for my business

  • The lens I see everything through since deciding to bring more joy into my life

  • Why it used to feel scary for me to experience joy and happiness

  • How joy and gratitude are part of having an abundance mindset

  • Why blocking out joy doesn’t mean we can keep disappointment and sadness at bay

  • The importance of recognizing impermanence when seeking more joy

  • How embracing the practice of looking for joy in each moment raises your vibration and leads to abundance



  • I find enjoyment in each moment of life.


  • Take notice of times when the inner critic or saboteur voices block your joy in a misguided effort to protect you, acknowledge them in the moment, and then release them.


  • Each morning for the next week, write down one item that will bring you joy throughout the day.

  • Each evening for the next week, write down one item that you enjoyed about the day.


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