(ep. 030) Breaking out of Your Boxes to Be Your True Self with Ivy LaClair

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June 05, 2019

So much of what holds us back is just the decisions we’ve made about who we are and what we’re capable of. When we put ourselves into these boxes, we self-sabotage our dreams and goals.

In this audio workshop, I’m diving more into this abstract concept by providing you with some examples from my own life, explaining what can happen when we break ourselves out of these boxes, and providing guidance on how to become the person you want to be instead of the person you’re telling yourself you already are.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Why my journey with sushi is a perfect example of this week’s topic

  • The story of how putting myself into a certain box at a young age robbed me of an important childhood experience

  • The power of “radical acts”

  • How removing the box of thinking I’m not a good cook has helped me feel more empowered



  • You’ll be creating your own affirmation this week.


  • Think about something you’ve always wanted to do or a characteristic you’ve always wanted to embody, but your mind immediately shuts it down when you think about it.


  • Create your own affirmation involving the item you came up with during the reflection using the format of, “I am already [your item].”

  • Think back on times in your life when that affirmation has already been true.


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