(ep. 031) Expressing Masculinity Through Vulnerability with Henry Johnstone

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June 12, 2019

Henry Johnstone is a coach, mentor, speaker, and podcaster. He specializes in coaching men and women to communicate with and understand each other on a deep emotional level, in both personal and professional settings.

Henry also speaks to adolescents across the U.K. about the value of being open, vulnerable and talking about one’s feelings, so that they do not fall into the same trap of addiction and depression he himself experienced as a teenager.

In addition to his coaching and speaking, Henry holds retreats as a metal work sculptor, helping clients work through emotional blocks and create symbols made of steel that reflect their journeys.

In this episode, we discuss how society forces boys and men to push their feelings down rather than express them, the impact this has on them, how we can begin to overcome this, how women can support the males in their lives while they become more vulnerable, and more!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • What Henry loves most about the work he does

  • How a lack of vulnerability negatively impacts a male’s mind climate

  • The importance of finding a space as a male where you can safely talk about how you’re feeling

  • The fears behind when male feel they can’t be vulnerable

  • Why a broad vocabulary is needed when expressing emotions

  • Henry’s tips for how men can introduce more vulnerability to their lives

  • The pitfall men need to be aware of when start becoming more vulnerable

  • How working on his emotions helped Henry find more joy in his work and a fulfilling romantic relationship


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