(ep. 032) The Importance of Diversifying Your Life with Ivy LaClair

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June 19, 2019

The concept of diversifying your life has come up multiple times in several conversations I’ve had recently and it’s honestly one that only recently occurred to me.

In this audio workshop, I discuss the realizations I’ve recently come to about my own life that inspired this episode, explain the pitfalls of not living a diverse life, provide examples of how to lead a diverse and enriched life, and more!

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • How I’ve been too focused on my business lately

  • The unnecessary pressure I was putting on myself

  • What my uncle’s employment experience taught me about priorities

  • How having a diverse life helped me make the shift from being married to being divorced

  • The trap parents often fall into

  • The ways I’ve been diversifying my own life



  • I live a rich, fulfilling life.


  • Reflect on your life and determine whether you need to diversify it to add more richness to it.


  • Try one new thing in the next week that has always interested you.


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