(ep. 033) The Connection Between Our Bodies and Minds with Caroline Vigery

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June 26, 2019

Caroline Vigery is a Reiki Master and teacher who works with men and women who are looking for a healing experience that connects body and mind. With Reiki and guided meditation, she has helped hundreds of people heal deeply and release old blocks, traumas, and unprocessed emotions in a gentle but powerful way. 

As a Reiki Master, Caroline enjoys sharing her knowledge in energy healing in her various Reiki classes. An expert in chakras (or energy centers), she also facilitates workshops and leads meditation sessions on chakras and their connection to mind-body-spirit. 

Caroline is also a California-Certified Massage Therapist, with 500+hours of training, and holds an MBA in Management from The Sorbonne University in France. 

In this episode, Caroline discusses the connection between our bodies and minds and how Reiki can positively impact your mind climate.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • The connection between our minds and bodies

  • The lasting impact the stories we tell ourselves can have on our minds, bodies, and lives

  • How the body has a better memory than the mind when it comes to trauma

  • What it feels like to have layers of trauma trapped inside your body

  • What it can feel like after the trauma is removed through Reiki

  • The most common pitfall for someone who’s beginning their healing journey with Reiki

  • Two tools to use in your daily life to foster the connection between your mind and body

  • Caroline’s personal experience with Reiki that led to her starting her healing practice and services


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