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a podcast for folks who want to turn their headspace into a place fit for a destination vacation!

Host Ivy LaClair is a certified business and anxiety coach committed to bringing you expert guests and audio workshops that will help you discover ways to change your mind climate from worried, stressed, or overwhelmed to one that’s peaceful, confident, and enjoyable. Together, let’s create the mind climate you deserve today!

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july 03, 2019

034 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 034) casually exploring change with ivy laclair

Change is something I’ve always sought, but I realize change doesn’t come as easily for others as it does for me. So, in this final episode of Mind Climate for the foreseeable future, I felt it appropriate to casually explore the topic of change; including what it really means, the different types, and what it looks like for different people. Keep Reading>>

june 26, 2019

033 Caroline Vigery Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 033) The connection between our bodies and minds with caroline vigery

Caroline Vigery is a Reiki Master and teacher who has helped hundreds of people heal deeply and release old blocks, traumas, and unprocessed emotions in a gentle but powerful way. In this episode, Caroline discusses the connection between our bodies and minds and how Reiki can positively impact your mind climate. Keep Reading>>

june 19, 2019

032 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 032) The Importance of Diversifying Your Life with Ivy laclair

In this audio workshop, I discuss the realizations I’ve recently come to about my own life that inspired this episode, explain the pitfalls of not living a diverse life, provide examples of how to lead a diverse and enriched life, and more! Keep Reading>>

june 12, 2019

031 Henry Johnstone Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 031) Expressing Masculinity Through Vulnerability with Henry Johnstone

Henry Johnstone is a coach, mentor, speaker, and podcaster. In this episode, we discuss how society forces boys and men to push their feelings down rather than express them, the impact this has on them, how we can begin to overcome this, how women can support the males in their lives while they become more vulnerable, and more! Keep Reading>>

june 05, 2019

030 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 030) Breaking out of Your Boxes to Be Your True Self with ivy laclair

In this audio workshop, I’m diving more into the concept of breaking out of the boxes we put ourselves in by providing you with some examples from my own life, explaining what can happen when we break ourselves out of these boxes, and providing guidance on how to become the person you want to be instead of the person you’re telling yourself you already are. Keep Reading>>

May 29, 2019

029 Jess Ratcliffe Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 029) Using a Product mindset to reach your full potential with jess ratcliffe

Jess Ratcliffe is an entrepreneur and coach who specializes in helping high-potentials build the mindset and tools to overcome whatever's holding them back and unleash their full potential. In the episode, Jess talks about product mindset, how it helped her create the life she truly wants, and how you can incorporate it into your daily life to create the life you want. Keep Reading>>

May 22, 2019

028 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 028) creating abundance through joy with Ivy Laclair

In this audio workshop, I explain why I wanted to discuss the topic of joy with you this week, the struggles I’ve experienced with accepting that it’s okay to feel joyful, how I experience joy even during difficult conversations and situations, that it’s safe to be joyful and to have hopes and dreams even though it involves feeling vulnerable, what happens when we embrace joy in the moment, and more! Keep Reading>>

May 15, 2019

027 Angela Rose Fields Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 027) Healing Through Expanded States of Consciousness with Angela Rose Fields

In this episode, Angela Rose Fields talks about expanded states of consciousness; including what that means, what counts as an expanded state of consciousness, what being in this expanded state can do for our head space, how it can sometimes be abrasive to reintegrate into our normal lives after being in this expanded state, and more! Keep Reading>>

May 08, 2019

026 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 026) The Power of Releasing your ego with ivy laclair

In the last’s week’s episode, I mentioned that I was getting ready to attend a silent meditation retreat. I’ve since returned from that retreat and now I want to share what that experience was like. This episode is a little different from my usual solo episodes in that instead of it being a traditional audio workshop, I decided to speak from my heart and let Wisdom guide me through the topics. Keep Reading>>

May 01, 2019

025 Paul Sterling Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 025) Communication Tools for a Healthy Relationship with paul sterling

Relationship and intimacy coach, Paul Sterling, talks about how to communicate in way that allows for a healthy relationship; including the three places we communicate from, the five communication triggers to avoid, and the core skills we need. Keep Reading>>

April 24, 2019

024 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 024) Understanding Your Values so You Can Find Fulfillment with ivy laclair

In this episode, I’m discussing values and providing guidance on a four-step process that will help you can get a better understanding of what your true values are so you can feel more fulfilled in your life. Keep Reading>>

April 17, 2019

023 Dr. Judi Neal Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 023) Bringing Spirituality into the Workplace with Dr. Judi Neal

In this episode, Dr. Judi Neal discusses what it means to bring more spirituality into the workplace, how one can do that, the way it can positively impact our mind climates and work environments, why these spirituality practices should not be associated with religion, and so much more! Keep Reading>>

April 10, 2019

022 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 022) Strengthening the Roots of the Tree of Non-Anxious Life with ivy laclair

In this audio workshop, I’m sharing the three roots of the tree of non-anxious life that became the foundation for how I was able to overcome Generalized Anxiety Disorder and have a consistent, stable, and peaceful mindset. Keep Reading>>

April 03, 2019

021 Jesse Koren Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 021) making right with jesse koren

Jesse Koren is one of the founders of Thrive Academy. Together with his wife, Jesse has taught over 50,000 coaches and holistic practitioners from all over the world how to attract their ideal clients. In this episode, Jesse shares his practice of “making right” and how it can positively impact our mind climate. Keep Reading>>

March 27, 2019

020 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 020) Using boundaries to create a life of joy and freedom with ivy laclair

In this episode, I’m talking about the connection between co-dependent relationships and boundaries, how boundaries allow us to receive healthy support, multiple examples of what setting boundaries have done for me, how I love both myself and others by saying no, and more! Keep Reading>>

March 20, 2019

019 Jessica Hadari Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 019) The Benefits of Being Part of a Community with Jessica Hadari

In this episode, Jessica Hadari shares her thoughts about community, what inspired her to start hers, how it’s grown from sipping tea on a bed with girlfriends to what it is today, the difference between isolation and conscious alone time, powerful examples of what her community has provided for others, and so much more!   Keep Reading>>

March 13, 2019

018 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 018) Co-creating Your Life with the universe With ivy laclair

In this episode, I speak about the Law of Attraction through the lens of stories from my own life so you can hear some real-life examples of the Law of Attraction in action and hopefully be inspired to begin attracting the things you want most in life. Keep Reading>>

March 06, 2019

017 Jake Ballentine Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 017) Focusing on the good with jake ballentine

Jake Ballentine is an author and a national award-winning motivational speaker who has presented at hundreds of events nationwide. He resides in Sacramento, California with his wife and their one-year-old son.

In this episode, Jake shares why it’s so powerful to focus on the good, what focusing on the good means, the impact it can have on your headspace, and so much more! Keep Reading>>

february 27, 2019

016 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 016) What is mindfulness? with ivy laclair

In this audio workshop, I’m giving you an introduction to the power of mindfulness by explaining what it is, where it comes from, the skills it help you gain, how it can impact your life, and how you can begin practicing it. Keep Reading>>

february 20, 2019

015 Rachel Grant Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 015) Releasing Shame with Rachel Grant

Sexual abuse recovery coach, Rachel Grant, explains the distinction between guilt and shame and, through the lens of trauma and sexual abuse, explains how that shame clutters our mind climate. She also provides us with some techniques for breaking the shame cycle on a neurological level. Keep Reading>>

february 13, 2019

014 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 014) Living Life Unapologetically with Ivy Laclair

In this audio workshop, I’m discussing why you should only apologize when you’re truly sorry, how apologizing when you have nothing to be sorry about is an act of devaluing and disempowering yourself, how you can begin to change this negative habit, and more! Keep Reading>>

february 06, 2019

013 Dr. Blake Brandes Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 013) The Power of the Growth mindset with Dr. blake brandes

Dr. Blake Brandes is a Tedx speaker, and rapper who has a PhD in Hip Hop and Global Youth Cultures. In this episode, my former business partner and I talk about the topic we’ve discussed with over 100,000 students, educators, and parents; the power of the Growth Mindset. Keep Reading>>

January 23, 2019

012 Frank Jay Porcaro Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 012) Trusting Your Heart and the universe with frank jay porcaro

Frank Jay is a coach and speaker who has positively impacted tens of thousands of lives through his live events that have taken place in over 15 countries. In this episode, Frank and I discuss the value of trusting in your heart and the universe. Keep Reading>>

January 16, 2019

011 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 011) Self-Worth Strength Training with Ivy LaClair

Last week, I realized I had been letting my inner critic tell me I couldn’t do certain things for several days. Luckily, I’ve spent the past few years building my self-worth muscle and it’s because of that work that I was able to recognize the inner critic and set aside. Here’s how you can learn to do the same. Keep Reading>>

January 09, 2019

010 Lily Fontas Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 010) The Connection Between Daily Movement and a Positive mind climate with lily fontas

Lily Fontas is a certified personal trainer and health coach who is on a mission to help women get strong, healthy, and happy on their terms. In this episode, Lily speaks with us specifically about daily exercise and movement and how it can impact our mind climate. Keep Reading>>

January 02, 2019

009 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 009) You always have a choice with ivy laclair

It’s officially 2019 and I want to start the year off by talking about one of my favorite topics. The topic for our audio workshop this week is one of my favorites because it’s inspiring and powering, but it can also be a little controversial. Keep Reading>>

December 26, 2018

(Ep. 008) Being Wisely Selfish with Sarah Marshank

It’s the day after Christmas and that means many of us have likely spent the past few weeks thinking about others, volunteering, and getting gifts to make the ones we love feel appreciated and joyful. However, the new year is approaching and that’s a time when we tend to shift our focus back to our own goals. So, that makes this week the perfect time to introduce you to Sarah Marshank. Keep Reading>>

December 19, 2018

007 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 007) Having Faith Can Bring You Peace of Mind with Ivy LaClair

In this audio workshop, I discuss the cycle that can happen when we experience discomfort and why it’s so important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Keep Reading>>

December 12, 2018

(Ep. 006) Using Pleasure and Sensuality to Improve Your Mind Climate with Lucia Pavone

Lucia Pavone is an international instructor of sexuality and the art of sensual pleasure. A dedicated sensual researcher, she busts through the limitations put on a woman’s orgasm having experienced over 6,000 hours of deliberate, full-bodied, extended orgasm. Keep Reading>>

December 05, 2018

005 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 005) Getting Comfortable with Discomfort with Ivy LaClair

In this audio workshop, I discuss the cycle that can happen when we experience discomfort and why it’s so important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Keep Reading>>

November 28, 2018

004 Tim Lytle Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 004) Living Life Out Loud with Rev. Tim Lytle

Rev. Tim Lytle is a Unity minister whose studies have included multiple religious methodologies from around the world. Rev. Tim’s teachings focus on divine alignment and attuning ourselves with our highest purpose. Through these teachings, he aims to help others know we are here to express magnificence and live life out loud and this is exactly what we’re talking about in this episode. Keep Reading>>

November 21, 2018

003 Mind Climate Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 003) Reframing The traditional way we think about gratitude with Ivy LaClair

In this episode, I’m explaining why I think our traditional way of thinking about gratitude is broken, how gratitude can keep us playing small or bring about feelings of shame, four ways you can use gratitude in the right way, and providing you with an exercise that will allow you to utilize gratitude in a way that will shift your mind climate from that of a victim to that of a hero. Keep Reading>>

November 14, 2018

002 Katherine Johnson Mind Climate Podcast Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 002) Creating Alignment Between Who You Are and What You Wear with Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson is an internationally-known speaker, leadership presence expert, and image consultant who shares with us what it means to have alignment between our true selves and our wardrobe, what that looks like, how we can accomplish it, and how it can positively impact our headspace. Keep Reading>>

November 14, 2018

001 Mind Climate Podcast Ivy LaClair.png

(Ep. 001) Building the Foundation for Your Best Life with Ivy LaClair

Welcome to the first official episode of my new podcast, Mind Climate! Every other week, I’ll be bringing you audio workshops to help you create the mind climate you deserve. Everything that is built, must have a foundation. Building your ideal life and mind climate is no exception. That’s why, in this episode, I’m going to walk you through this first audio workshop and help you create a foundation for your best life. Keep Reading>>

October 24, 2018

(Ep. 000) Introducing Mind Climate with Ivy LaClair

Welcome to my new podcast, Mind Climate! I'm excited to bring you episodes with expert guests and audio workshops that will help you discover ways to change your mind climate from worried, stressed, or overwhelmed to one that's peaceful, competent, and truly enjoyable. Listen to this quick podcast trailer to learn more! Keep Reading>>