Thrive Beyond Anxiety

with Ivy Laclair

My Story

and the Key to Freedom from Anxiety

Hello! I’m so glad you are here. I’m Ivy LaClair, CPCC, M.Ed., and anxiety & business coach. I'm also co-host of the Motivational Millennial Podcast, nationwide facilitator, and co-founder of a successful six-figure motivational speaking business. I love flowers, dancing to upbeat music, and a good sigh-inducing downward dog.

I also have generalized anxiety disorder, and although I have developed a relationship with anxiety that allows me thrive in my life and my business, this wasn’t always the case.

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In fact, I spent 10 years trying to purge myself of all anxiety and hating myself every time it showed up — often in the form of a debilitating attack that would leave me feeling shamed, broken, and hopeless. I learned spiritual, personal development and therapeutic techniques, tried medication and so many other approaches in an effort to keep myself from ever feeling that pain again. I just wanted my anxiety to GO AWAY.

Over time, all the internal work I did and techniques I mastered truly helped reduce my anxiety and allowed me to function well. But I didn’t experience true freedom from my anxiety until I changed my perspective of it in a BIG way.

Here’s what happened: After I became a business owner, I found myself confronted with my shadow side on a daily basis. In many ways, building a business is a spiritual practice in itself because it requires you to grow and show up in whole new ways that stretch you way out of your comfort zone… And if that doesn’t induce anxiety, I don’t know what will!

Once, the day after I had spoken to a group of over 300 hundred perspective entrepreneurs and did a phenomenal job, my anxiety was triggered by the fact I was running 5 minutes late to a coffee date with a colleague. Suddenly, my mind and body were flooded with intense anxiety and I was overwhelmed by thoughts like “How could I do this? What is wrong with me? I am such a fake.”

THEN — and those of you who struggle with anxiety know what I’m talking about — I became aware that I was having anxiety at all and then my thoughts turned to “Oh, here we go again. Why is this happening again? What is wrong with me? I should be able to make this stop!” I kept it together through the coffee date (an experience I imagine you can relate to), but once I was home I got totally lost in a shame spiral that confirmed all the fears I had about myself, all my insecurities, and crumbled my sense of confidence.

It happened like that a few times over a couple months. I would have a kickass win in my business, followed nearly immediately by a compromising anxiety attack that would knock my feet out from under me and smash all the momentum I had created.

I could see how my fear and anxiety were getting in the way of my success. I could see that I was self-sabotaging, and a part of me really hated myself for it…

I remember laying in my bed realizing that I had a choice to make in that moment. I could either continue down the path of struggle and self-loathing, or could get up and make a change to give myself the life I really deserve and to allow myself to keep serving others.

In that moment I made a decision: that I would go back to therapy, get support, and this time it would be different. Because this time I wasn’t going to address the symptoms (the anxiety itself). I was going to address the true cause, which was my shame and self-loathing. I decided to meet my anxiety with compassion, rather than hatred, and I saw an INSTANT and SIGNIFICANT reduction in my anxiety symptoms. An episode that once would last for hours or days could be reduced to 30-minutes with self-soothing and other techniques because I stopped fanning the fire by hating myself for the anxiety in the first place.

Women business owners experience high amounts of anxiety on average. Anxiety is always going to be there in one form or another, because as business owners we face uncertainty and pressure every day, and anxiety is a normal part of the process. We can’t live a life impervious to stress and anxiety, but we can change our relationship to it in such a way that it no longer has power over us. We can live a life where our anxiety no longer runs the show or drives the bus. We do.

My life and my business totally changed once I discovered a way to experience freedom in the midst of anxiety and thrive beyond. I felt like a whole new person.

Now I no longer have my feet swept out from under me and my business momentum crushed by anxiety. I can go to networking events, speak on stages, and talk with perspective clients peacefully and effectively. I love my life and I am no longer standing in the way of my most ambitious business goals.

I still have generalized anxiety disorder, but now that I meet my anxiety with compassion and love, every other technique and practice has become exponentially more effective. It was the key to unlocking true freedom.

This is why it’s so important for me to provide unique support for women business owners who struggle with anxiety. I understand how painful it can be when anxiety knocks the wind out of our sails and leaves us feeling discouraged, disappointed, and without the confidence we need to succeed.

As a fellow business woman with anxiety, I understand where you're coming from and where you want to go. Let me show you how I have learned to Thrive Beyond Anxiety and support you every step of the way.

I'd love to help you get true freedom from anxiety so you can accomplish even your most ambitious business goals, and wake up in the morning with the glorious feeling: “I love my life!”


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